Written by Ahmed Syed
What is PI Planning

Hi, and welcome to the first blog in the PI planning series, in this blog we are going to be talking about what is PI planning or program increment planning.

PI planning is a two-day event that takes place at the beginning of the program increment. It spans the duration of  eight to twelve weeks and is the overall plan for the whole of the agile release train.

This is a collection of between five and twelve agile teams in PI planning and all individuals on the agile release train can participate.

Everybody, all the team members, all the individuals supporting the agile release train, such as the business owners, the product managers release, train engineers, key stake holders, even people from the lean portfolio management group, they may attend.

So everybody that has an interest or who can contribute to the planning of the agile release train attends.

This makes for a large event. And the magic of this event is that everyone is there. If you've got a problem, it can be rapidly resolved because you have everyone there.

If you've got budgetary issues, you've got somebody that can make a decision on the spot. 

If you've got issues with the architecture or technology, again, you've got the relevant resources there at hand, where you can actually resolve and make a decision very quickly.

From experience, I can tell you, this has a massive impact on the overall success of the program increment that you're going to be planning as a whole, as well as the fun of the PI planning event itself.

Of course, having everyone there has its benefits. You can get things done really quickly. Decisions happened as I said very quickly, but it also has its downsides.

You need to organize the event really carefully and a lot of attention to detail is required to have a successful event.

If you need any support in PI planning or supporting or facilitating your PI planning. Please visit us at www.sprint0.com. 

But for now, I hope you find that useful and speak to you in the next blog.

Thank you very much.


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