There are outputs that support the Agile Release Train and are at the Program level and outputs that support the teams. Let’s look at each of these separately:

Program Outputs

These are the program or ART Outputs that are needed to align, co-ordinate and support all teams on the Agile Release Train.

Dependency board this board sometime referred to as a Program Board as well shows the delivery commitments for Features and also outlines how one team may be dependent on another team so that it can be managed more effectively.

The Program Risks and Impediments board outlines the risks and impediments that cannot be resolved at the team level. It outlines all of the risks and impediments early in the Program Increment increasing the chances of us achieving our PI Objectives.

We have the Program Objectives/Goals which is a summary of all the outcomes and objectives of all teams on the Agile Release Train.

Team Outputs

These are the team Outputs that are needed to clarify what the team feels able to deliver whilst also looking at existing risks to delivery.

The Team PI Plan is a high-level emergent plan covering all iterations within the Program Increment which provides greater detail and less slack in earlier iterations that in latter ones.

The Team’s Risks and Impediments outline the risks and issues to the current plan that may need to be resolved depending upon their categorization.

Team Objectives/Goals clearly outline what a team’s commitments and stretch goals (aspirations) are during the upcoming Program Increment.


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